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Then at the end of the business meeting, he will promise to keep you informed of the rest of the events and to remind you… which he will never do. And for good reason ! Prospects who receive too much information all at once unconsciously erect barriers to slow down or even derail your sales efforts. If this happens, you’ve made the mistake of talking too much. When your prospect can barely get a word in, they feel like you don’t care about their needs — and just want to sell. This is clearly not the best sales technique in BtoB. The best sales people in the industry will tell you, closing a sale is a process that takes time. They know that several people are involved in decision-making. They understand that it takes time to demonstrate value and develop strong relationships to sell in the industry.

Learn as much as you can about your prospect before your meeting. Doing your homework is essential to hoping to be impactful when trading. You wouldn’t want to come Lithuania Phone Number List across as someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about… To do this, start by consulting the company’s website; Try to identify the “gap” between where the company is and its goals. Determine how your solution can help achieve these goals My colleague Caroline made a short video about it. Be prepared to talk about the business results your prospects will get from using your product or service. Be prepared to explain how it reduces lead times, increases operational efficiency or improves processes by showing results from your current customers. Questions are the key to your success on this first date.

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This demonstrates that you have done your homework (see point 1) and you will sound more impactful by asking the right questions at the right time than by talking continuously. Even if your prospect asks you, don’t be tempted to talk about your products or services. Briefly answer their questions, then focus on strategic issues. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Industrial Growth podcast on Itunes and Soundcloud . You can leave us your questions for the next. Anastacia asked me on LinkedIn how I made my videos for industrialists. She asked me for some advice and I gave her five, here are the ones. Making video in B2B requires being regular and going the distance in terms of production . By practicing regularly and at your own pace.


This allows you to correct yourself, to learn by doing and thus to find the right tone for your audience. Personally, when I try to make slightly prepared videos, it doesn’t work. You shouldn’t try to play a role, give yourself a style. The risk is to do too much, that it is felt in the image, that the result is not there. If you get into video, it absolutely has to be regular. With only one or two videos every two months, it’s not going to work with your audience. And you won’t practice enough to perfect yourself. You have to find your rhythm, without putting pressure on yourself but while publishing regularly.

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By applying point 2, this will allow you to correct the faults, to analyze yourself and little by little, you will find the right tone. It takes a bit of time but it is very important. I think you find the right tone when you no longer have the impression of speaking to a camera but of addressing your audience directly. When you find your tone, you will gain in fluidity. Don’t tell your life story, don’t talk about yourself, but try to bring added value to your audience. At the end of your video, your audience must have the impression of leaving with elements, ideas, a reflection to apply, a method. It is then appropriate to talk about the problems that you can help solve.

The more you wonder about the material to choose, the less you take action. Finally, far from studio equipment, a good smartphone works very well. On smartphones, if you want to film while automatically generating subtitles, I recommend the Clip application that comes with the latest iPhones. The sound is the most important element.  It’s not about coming up with a business pitch because you’re sure to fail . This is a mistake that many sales people make: not giving the floor to their interlocutor. The latter cannot express the elements of his need to you (CQQCOQP method).

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