Not Keeping Up With Seo Trends

Abandonment of mobile-friendly optimization In fact: 51% of searchers tend to buy through a mobile-optimized website! Today, most online interactions take place through mobile devices like tablets and smartphones and search engines like Google, and it’s a mobile-first approach for industries. Therefore, mobile optimization has become a tremendous ranking element: SMBs neglect the risk of the mobile trend being left behind. Also, that doesn’t mean businesses need a mobile-specific version of their website.

Having a fast and responsive website can allow access across multiple devices, adjusting its layout, menu structure, and resolution accordingly. 5. Ignoring meta descriptions and page titles Too Colombia WhatsApp Number List times, we have witnessed websites with “Home” as the page header. Adding meta descriptions and sprucing up your page titles is an easy thing to do and essential for SEO. Most website CMS systems have the feature to change this by default. Still, when a beginner creates his website, he usually ignores it.

Ignoring Meta Descriptions And Page Titles

Not optimizing videos and images A major factor contributing to excessive loading time of your website is unoptimized videos and images. The rise of digital media improves load times and increases overall SEO rankings. To do this, format vector images as png files and raster images as jpg files. When writing alternative (alternate) text for images, add keywords to help your SEO strategy. When it comes to videos, you should also optimize them. Start by hosting all of your video folder programs in a single folder.


After that, design a video sitemap that will help search engines index your videos. 7. Keyword Stuffing It would be a rational assumption that using target phrases in every sentence of your content would improve your rankings. While this was once a viable strategy, these days, it’s not nearly as rewarding. Simply put, search engine algorithms are short-tempered. Going crazy with the use of keywords is listed as garbage by search engines. Along with that, overuse of keywords will make your content useless and unnatural to your audience.

Optimizing Videos And Images

Unhelpful or uninteresting text will quickly divert readers away from your website. Consequently, your site’s bounce rate will skyrocket. This instance of SEO error will harm the performance of your website. 8. Do not use anchor text for internal links You may have seen links within the body of a web page coated with words like “click here for more information” or “see this post.” From an SEO perspective, it’s a waste. Yes, using a call-to-action as a link can increase clicks, but it also costs you the ability to modify your anchor text, a crucial component of SEO.

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