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However, the way you measure within online marketing Vietnam Phone Number often leads to a lot of discussion. This mainly applies to the attribution of the different marketing channels. This gives you a more realistic insight into the number of conversions from your branding channels. You can then include this in your campaign evaluation. You can use the insights gained to optimize the targeting of your digital branding channels. And so the Data Driven Branding model helps you to improve the performance of your branding channels.

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Marketers often use an analytical tool – such as Vietnam Phone Number Google Analytics – that analyzes the data from all marketing channels and then assigns the attribution to, for example, SEA, display or organic website traffic. This is based on a self-chosen attribution model. Single-touch & multi-touch attribution models Simply you can choose Vietnam Phone Number between a single-touch & multi-touch attribution model. Single-touch assigns the value to 1 touchpoint, while multi-touch distributes the value over multiple touchpoints within the purchasing process.

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It is distribut across all channels that have play an important role in the purchase process. The moment the purchase path of your consumers is greater. Than it makes more sense to opt for a multi-touch attribution model. This ensures that underrated channels higher in the funnel (display & video) are assigned a more realistic value compared to lower funnel channels. Think of SEA or direct traffic, which are currently overvalu.


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