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Deliver content consistently. However, some additional Russia Phone Number characteristics appear in the image of top-performing marketers. Consider how you can use this information to improve the success of your content marketing programs. Hand-chosen related content: 22 examples of brands (and marketers) winning in content marketing create audiences overall – across all levels Russia Phone Number of content marketing success – research shows that more marketers are focusing on Russia Phone Number building audiences. Across all respondents, 80% say they are focuse on this (compare to 92% of top performers), which is an 18% year-over-year increase. 80% of content marketers are focuse on building audiences. Which is an 18% year-over-year

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Things differently than the overall population Russia Phone Number of marketers. In addition, What kinds of things set these self-proclaimed “extremely” or “very successful” content marketers apart? As we’ve seen every year, these marketers are more likely to: have a documented content marketing Russia Phone Number  strategy describe their organization’s content marketing maturity level as sophisticated or mature have a high level of commitment to content marketing agree that their organization is realistic about what content marketing can achieve agree that leadership gives Russia Phone Number them ample time to deliver content marketing.

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Content marketing survey. Now in our eighth year of Russia Phone Number partnering with marketingprofs on this research. I have never ceased to be excited to share new information with you. B2b content marketing 2018: benchmarks, budgets, and trends – north america sponsored by brightcove, says b2b marketers continue to see content marketing success as they explore ways to Russia Phone Number work more creatively and grow their audience. I’m thrille that, similar to last year, nearly 65% ​​of b2. Marketers surveye are reporting more success with their overall content marketing compare to a year ago. How Russia Phone Number can marketers maintain this momentum.

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