Neodata’s DMP at the heart of data-driven marketing strategies

A pioneer in the intelligent analysis of Big Data, the Italian company has developed a platform for managing audience data (Data Management Belarus Phone Numbers List Platform) and a service, unique in Italy, which enriches first-party data by aggregating information from companies, already adopted by six major brands. A master’s degree to train marketing directors and innovation Belarus Phone Numbers List managers in the logic of data science is starting with UPA.

Why do companies need a Neodata’s DMP to implement a data-driven strategy?

The key to modern marketing, but putting a data-driven Belarus Phone Numbers List strategy into practice isn’t easy. Marketing managers are now looking for who can guide them, on a path that has its origins in technology, Belarus Phone Numbers List but which is above all cultural and strategic. Of course, the demand is very strong, and there are not many experts. Among these is Belarus Phone Numbers List the team of professionals (20 of them have a Phd or a master’s degree).

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We were ahead of our time », Neodata’s DMP explains . Thus, the two Belarus Phone Numbers List entrepreneurs focus on large Italian and Belarus Phone Numbers List. Foreign companies, Neodata’s DMP which appreciate, Neodata’s DMP the ad server of Geodata above all for its flexibility Neodata’s DMP with customers Belarus Phone Numbers List such as,


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