Moleskine focuses on personalizing the customer experience, thanks to artificial intelligence

The company of the famous notebook accelerates the path of digital transformation, in an omnichannel perspective. CRM is at the heart of the project: Italy Phone Number List the use of AI helps to get to know customers and propose a customer journey on favorite channels, to improve the experience and Moleskine focuses personalizing increase the conversion rate oleskine is changing. The company with Italy Phone Number List the famous notebook is in the middle of a   to be ready .

Custom routes for Moleskine focuses personalizing each user

the appointment with the challenges of the new normality and to respond to the new needs of customers. Strongly desired by  in office since Italy Phone Number List April 2020, the plan focuses on two aspects in particular: strengthening the positioning on the web (with the e-store becoming “complementary” to the 59 single-brand physical stores distributed in around the world) Italy Phone Number List and improve.

Italy Phone Number List

In this scenario, will play a leading role. Obviously, we are not referring to the physicist creator of the “Theory of Relativity”, but to , Italy Phone Number List which helps Moleskine identify the most relevant information among those provided by users and, from here, decide Moleskine focuses personalizing  to increase the conversion rate and the best means to keep in touch with the users themselves. A speech addressed by , during the Italy Phone Number List Salesforce Live: Italy event.

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