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About the concept of ‘incentive’. When you hear the Kazakhstan Phone Number word incentive, you think, for example, of a free e-book that you add to an order to convince someone after all. For example, consider a hosting company that offers WordPress Kazakhstan Phone Number hosting and provides an ebook about WordPress. You could also just see that as part of your value proposition. MECLABS itself says in any case that an incentive should compensate Kazakhstan Phone Number for friction. Friction is also easier to interpret and can be divided into: Length-related friction: for example (too) many form fields.

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Difficulty Friction: A confusing question in your Kazakhstan Phone Number checkout. Anxiety (fear) For example, fear triggerd because your website looks unreliable or because you don’t say anything about any warranty. east framework EAST Kazakhstan Phone Number Framework (source: bi.team) 2. EAST Framework The EAST Framework is a model developed by the Behavioral Insights Team from Great Britain. The framework consists of the Kazakhstan Phone Number following 4 factors: easy attractive Timely social easy Use elements that make it easy for users. This is possible, for example, by using ‘defaults.

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Offering your user a standard option/choice. Or fewer fields Kazakhstan Phone Number in your form so that the form becomes shorter. attractive For example, attract attention with images and use of colors. social For example, use social proof . For example, a British tax agency said in their letters that most people pay their taxes on time. This extra message Kazakhstan Phone Number led to higher payment percentages. Timely Approach people at a point in their journey when they are most open or accessible. fogg behavior model Fogg Behavior Model (source: behaviormodel. Fogg Behavior Model This behavioral model was developd by BJ Fogg, an American Kazakhstan Phone Number behavioral scientist. This model contains 3 factors: ability motivation prompt.

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