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Chances are you already know what the Costa Rica Phone Number reciprocity principle is and how it works. But for the readers who don’t know that yet, I briefly explain this principle below. When we’ve got something, we (all) feel a certain pressure to somehow “payback” it: that’s what the principle of reciprocity boils down to in one sentence. Think of it as a kind Costa Rica Phone Number of emotional bank accounts that people have with each other. If they are no longer in balance, we want to equalize them.

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For example, did your neighbor help Costa Rica Phone Number you in the garden for an afternoon? Then you automatically feel a certain pressure to do something in return. So there’s a good chance that you’ll say ‘yes’ if that neighbor asks you for a favor at a later time. When emotional Costa Rica Phone Number bank accounts are out of balance, we want to equalize them. Two Goals for Reciprocity.

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The principle of reciprocity is Costa Rica Phone Number best used for two purposes. Iif you want to build a relationship with someone or if you want to motivate someone to take a certain action. Below I explain what I mean by that. I will also tell you how you can increase the chance of a successful operation of the principle in both cases, because you want to know that, of Costa Rica Phone Number course. Building relationships Thus, the principle of reciprocity is based on the pressure we feel to repay for what has been given to us.

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