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Awesome blog post and you’re totally happy with it, but what will happen when you click “Publish”? Nothing… This article you have gone to so much trouble for will simply be forgotten on the web if you do not do it properly to achieve its target. Promotion is a crucial step in order not to see your content creation efforts wiped out. Most marketers have agreed that a good distribution of content marketing efforts is: 20% of the time creating content, 80% promoting it. It is therefore better to direct the bulk of your efforts to promoting your articles, even if it means producing them less often. So how do you go about promoting your latest creation? What are the levers that will allow you to move your article from the shadows to the light?

This is what we will see in the infographic that we offer you today, and whose design was inspired by the release of season 6 of Game of Thrones: 18 Ways to Promote Your Switzerland Phone Number List Blog Posts to Conquer the Throne.CLICK TO TWEET To publish this infographic on your blog, you will find the copy / paste code at the end of the article. And they chose it for its history, its personalityBrand image on the internet can take a lot of time. If you have any questions about this, or need help, contact us , we will be happy to assist you. To go further, we recommend these books: Graphic design and branding ”by A. George Sinclair, internationally renowned artistic director.

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This essential book is intended for anyone who has to think about the branding strategy of a company. The brand identity ”from Alina Wheeler, brand specialist for 40 years. “Brand Identity” is a comprehensive, pragmatic and easily accessible work for all brand creators. It is an essential reference. These links are affiliate links to reference books in the field of digital strategy. When you go through these links to make a purchase, the price remains unchanged for you, and on our side we get a small commission which allows us to maintain the quality of our items. To create the ideal sales team, what key skills do you need?


Do the same on the forums. Look at the related searches offered by search engines when you type in your page title. If you are selling a product, go to the most famous marketplaces (Cdiscount, Amazon) and linger in the comments and reviews section. How to captivate your readers How to interest your reader …? By telling him a simple story with emotion, a story that smacks of truth without necessarily being truthful. This is the principle of storytelling (narrative communication). storytelling Why does this method work? Because it does not date from yesterday and each of us has been made aware of it from an early age by the tales of our childhood.

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Generally speaking, we all like stories because they allow, the escape, the projection and they provoke emotion . Since the dawn of time, or since the world became a world, between times long ago and long ago to be precise, man has told stories and above all takes pleasure in listening to them. Stories, and especially their messages, stay in mind easily. This story can be long, but a story of a few sentences can also serve its purpose by staying on top of it sometimes for life. How do you remember the order of the planets? By repeating to you that “My Old Theater Often Plays Me A New (Play)” (I put Play in parenthesis since since, Pluto has been demoted to the rank of dwarf planet).

How do you remember your coordinating conjunctions? By asking yourself “but where and therefore or or because? ” The biggest brands tell the best stories. The Apple brand for example, a benchmark in terms of marketing, tells us how, deep in their garage, 3 young entrepreneurs launched a “Revolution” when no one believed in them… the rest you know. strorytelling-apple Another example: perfume advertisements. Never does a perfume advertisement tell you about the scent of it. They never evoke the fixative, the support and the perfume which however are the basis of any perfume.

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