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Putting what the company sells online, with or without prices, already makes it possible to provide information to potential customers and thus to generate contacts for the production of quotes, for example. This is an effective practice to start ranking on Google through content. Indeed, B2B e-commerce is mainly based on a process of access to information for potential customers. “In B2B, the commercial relationship and the relationship with its partners is key, it is not a question of removing it but of providing additional services” explains Bénédicte Groult. Indeed, service companies are also in the sights of these technological developments.

The bottom line is to increase customer satisfaction and allow your customers to get the success they deserve with your products. We recommend this guide which, beyond Nigeria Phone Number List robotics, deals with the internal management to be put in place to achieve customer success. Bénédicte Groult is a sales engineer at Oxatis , the leader in SaaS e-commerce solutions for VSEs/SMEs. E-commerce is changing the way of doing business in B2B, it is experiencing a growth rate of 32% (against only 15% in B2C) and it is better to be the first in its sector to launch. Within four years, it is estimated that 75% of companies will digitize their product catalog. Another interesting figure, according to Hubspot, companies that publish 15 blog posts per month convert 1200 new leads per month.

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However, for more than half of marketers, generating leads is a major challenge. The potential of inbound marketing is therefore there when it comes to boosting ROI in the industry. Let’s go back together on customer success in btob through some results that we obtained at Nile: To place orders 24/7, without preventing the salesperson from intervening to apply a discount if necessary. Thanks to workflows, it is possible to automate tasks with less added value for the salesperson, who can then focus on strategic missions. E -commerce in the industry does not prevent indicating the presence of its distribution network locally.


Today, the pure-players are losing momentum underlines Bénédicte Groult. It is wise to offer a wide range of purchasing possibilities for professionals to ensure that they make a sale, rather than seeing the arrival of e-commerce as competition from physical sales networks. It is important to take time in order to carry out the project correctly. And this requires understanding the project, the functional scope, commercial management, installation or use of an ERP. E -commerce requires, beforehand, having an up-to-date stock, a coherent pricing policy, so many elements to work on before launching a site.

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For Bénédicte Groult, in B2B, professionals mainly focus on saving time, customer service. Increasing turnover or even visibility, rather than the aesthetics or graphics of their e-commerce site. Beyond the functionality. It is important to know if it is really useful in the purchasing process. Of the professional target and what the return on investment can be . The strategy is to launch a less ambitious project but which quickly allows to sell in order to understand what works or not, and to allow readjustments. Destocking allows you to get your first foot in e-commerce, even if it means continuing with the “best-selling” products afterwards.

Online, suggestive (or complementary) sales can increase your average basket. Cart abandonment in B2B is also an indicator to watch. The reasons, although different from B2C, must be understood to avoid a loss of turnover. In conclusion, an e-commerce project should not be conducted without an objective and without a method. The impact on the entire industrial enterprise is too great to risk the failure of digitalization. To complete on e-commerce in the industry, we recommend this introductory guide to download. Inbound marketing requires learning. It also takes time and energy before you see a return on your inbound marketing investment . But once launched, your strategy pays off. On average, the cost per lead decreases by 80% after 5 months.

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