Marketing automation makes dialogue with customers more effective

The beauty giant is pursuing a data-driven strategy, Benin Phone Numbers List.  Powered by machine learning. The goal is to activate the consumer Benin Phone Numbers List. On the various contact channels by offering personalized experiences. The project was carried out in Italy with Novel, Premier Benin Phone Numbers List Partner of Google Cloud.

Data-driven marketing: Marketing automation makes overcoming data silos

Which has solved the complexity of extracting value  . By giving coherence to  and providing  tools that also use artificial intelligence and machine Benin Phone Numbers List learning, the  and consulting have made more effective in segmenting and engaging the consumer offering personalized Benin Phone Numbers List content and experiences. based on information extracted from data; the analytics infrastructure to verify in real time the performance of the various L’Oréal brands.

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For L’Oréal, the world’s leading beauty group by Benin Phone Numbers List turnover (almost 27 billion euros in sales in 2018 Benin Phone Numbers List and 36 brands), innovating the methods of contact with the Marketing automation makes consumer is part of a vast digital transformation project based on five Benin Phone Numbers List pillars.

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