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And the customer, going through the act of purchase, obtains the product but also adheres to a projection, An image and values. Storytelling generates emotion and closely links the narrator (me) to his reader (you).CLICK TO TWEET And to go further, applied to a product, storytelling becomes a trailer for the experience you are going to have or the person you will become if you buy the said product. Another aspect of storytelling that you should take advantage of is its ability to hold the reader’s attention. you will be much more comfortable drawing up a portrait of your ideal candidate, or candidate persona.

When you start to tell a story to your readers, with characters, a plot, a context, they will naturally want to know the end of it, which will allow you to gradually get them to read the parts of your site that you think are important, and subtly lead them towards your Call-to-actions. The story you tell Turkey Phone Number List  your readers can be a personal story or a totally imaginary one, the important thing is that it intrigues your reader. How to organize your page to keep your readers’ attention On the web we don’t read, we scan. Only 16% of Internet users read the text of a page verbatim (source: Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox ). Finally, not having the means to afford a sales superstar is rather very good news for your team: you will recruit the best profile for your company and your context!

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For the rest of the users, the vast majority therefore, browsing the web is akin to a great visual Zapping where 80% of the content of a page is read diagonally. That is, readers scan and scroll through the pages of your site looking for interesting information or answers to their questions. Knowing this, give them the option of not reading your pages and help them analyze them quickly if they want to. Called upon by catchy titles answering their questions and well-structured paragraphs, they will then take the time to read the rest of your content. To help you train your new sales reps and harmonize the practices of your current team, I advise you to download our sales toolkit for industrial companies below .


Help your site visitors not to read your pages but to analyze them  page 1 idea First of all, do not apply the expression “we keep the best for last”. In the first few lines of your content, give the answers your readers expect. Ask yourself: Why are they here? What do they want? What expression did they type into their Google bar? Your page must contain the answers to these 3 questions to satisfy your visitors. And the faster your visitors will see these 3 responses, the more you will increase your chances of having them stay on your page. The idea is to recruit for the skills you need and not the skills you think you need!

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Then write the content of your page keeping in mind these 3 ideas. Be clear and precise so that your readers know straight away that they are in the right place and that they will find the answer to their question on your page. On the web, generate interest from the start because the real challenge is to capture attention. CLICK TO TWEET Also keep in mind that your visitors can enter your site through any of your pages, not just the home page, and of course without knowing you first. Each of your pages must therefore recall who you are, what is the object of your activity and the purpose of your site. Each of your pages should: talk about a single concept, product or service.

be easy to fly over. Readers should be able to find the information they’re looking for almost instantly, just by scanning your headlines. tell visitors where they are, and the subject of your site. tell the reader what to do after reading its content: read another page or article, subscribe to your newsletter, buy a product, request a quote …Build irresistible titles Your titles must be sellers and have a USP . They immediately present the benefit that the Internet user will reap by reading the following paragraphs. This is a proposal that no one can refuse on pain of missing a unique opportunity.

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