Marketing Analytics, how data Marketing Analytics how analytics is changing the job of marketers

Here is the new scenario and the Marketing Analytics how  mistakes to avoid. UAE Mobile Number Database Marketing Analytics, Or tools and processes for analyzing Marketing data, Are creating a new era in everything happens fast, like never before, Because of these changes, Marketers can no longer look at analytics as something external tossup port them UAE Mobile Number Database or a one-man business (such as the Chief Digital Officer).

Intuition and vision Marketing Analytics how  still indispensable

Thanks to digital, it is possible to collect data and information with an incredible granularity and being able to UAE Mobile Number Database count on a wide variety of sources, including: socio- demographic and contractual information, Tracking of purchase and use paths, use of products and services, UAE Mobile Number Database calls to the call center and interactions traced on the CRM, access and use of web platforms and apps – declared ,

UAE Mobile Number Database


Data that, crossed with the data of the products UAE Mobile Number Database and services, make it possible to build descriptive and predictive models of the future behavior of individual users and Marketing Analytics how customers. Thanks to this incredible UAE Mobile Number Database amount of data collected and the increasingly sophisticated machine learning algorithms,  For example, To predict which customers UAE Mobile Number Database are at risk of abandoning the service, Minimizing the churn rate with appropriate commercial initiatives.

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