Market Analysis Thailand Phone Number Report Industry Analysis of Futu Niuniu Information Sector

This article mainly analyzes the information section of Futu Niuniu, including the following points: industry environment, market size, profit Thailand Phone Number model, SWOT analysis, user portraits, functional roles, competitive product analysis and optimization suggestions.

People’s trading and investment activity

For A shares, between 2014 and 2015, the Shanghai Composite Index soared from 2,000 points to 5,100 points. During this period, speculation was Thailand Phone Number frenzied, but then the market turned downward. From January 2016 to now, the market trend has been sluggish, and the activity of trading and investment has declined;

U.S. stocks, the 2008 financial crisis collapsed to the beginning of 2020, a bull market that lasted for 10 years (the Dow rose from 6,400 points to nearly 30,000 points), but recently affected by the epidemic, the U.S. stocks plummeted, 4 times in 10 days. fall;

Supervision strength & foreign exchange control

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With the rapid development of the Internet, there are many talents in the industry who combine the Internet with finance. And patterns emerge in an endless stream; from Internet credit. Internet banking, to Internet securities, Internet Thailand Phone Number insurance, to P2P, digital currency, consumer finance, etc.; although to a large extent However, various financial scams, capital flight and other phenomena have also exerted great pressure on national financial supervision

It can be seen from the policy strength of regulatory agencies in recent years that the current supervision of Internet finance is still at a relatively high level; however, in the context of financial supply-side reform, financial regulatory policies are more standardized and specific.

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