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Thanks to simple and intuitive creative tools (list below), it is now easy to. Produce quality video content that is useful for a business’s marketing communications. Table of contents Why integrate video into your strategy? Information France Mobile Number Database to know to optimize the production of your videos The fallout 12 effective video creation tools to save time Lumen 5 Adobe spark Premiere Rush Promo Kizoa Headliner Animoto Why integrate video into your strategy? A Facebook video has 135% higher organic reach than a photo. The average engagement rate of a video on Facebook is 6%, compared to 4.8% for a post with a photo and 3.36% for a post with a link. We Are Social Video campaigns on LinkedIn reach an engagement rate of 50% (LinkedIn).

YouTube is the second most used search engine and the third most visited site after Google and Facebook ( Brandwatch). 64% of consumers will make a purchase after seeing a branded video on social networks (Tubular Insights) Information to. Know to optimize the production of your videos 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound (Digiday). Having a brand logo on a video can increase purchase intention by 9% (Twitter). 93% of Twitter videos are watched on mobile, and only 7% on Desktop (Twitter). The Impact 73% of B2B marketers say video has a positive impact on ROI (Tubular Insights). 97% of marketers say video helps people gain a better understanding of their products and services (Hubspot).

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When marketers embed a video in an email, the click-through rate increases by 200-300% (Merchant). Businesses that use video in their marketing get a 27% higher. Click-through rate and 34% higher web conversion rate than those that don’t (Vidyard). Landing pages that contain video can increase your conversion rate by 80% (Unbounce). Sites that integrate video have a visit time of two minutes longer than sites without video (Merchant). Video drives a 157% increase in organic search engine traffic (Brightcove). 12 effective video creation tools to save time Wibbitz.


In addition,this tool offers dozens of video templates in landscape, square and vertical formats. In conclusion, as well as ready-to-use videos to cover all trending topics and access to content. Libraries multimedia (photos, videos, GIFs, royalty-free sounds). from 500 € / month wibbitz-tool-creation-video Playplay This tool. Allows the respect of your graphic charter (logo, font, colors), it offers models, guides you in the construction. Of your videos. It also has a library of copyright-free media. from 200 € / month Video player 00:00 00:31 Lumen 5 This authoring tool promises. To help you turn your articles into videos in less than 5 minutes.

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Freemium with 5 videos per month from 19 € / month for Video player Media error: spark Very simple and with an attractive rendering, adobe spark is a safe and very affordable value for testing video production. Freemium formula from 12 € / month Video player Media error. Nte and not a monthly payment. Freemium for videos of less than 1 min. from € 29.90 for a permanent license kizoa-montage-video. Headliner An ideal tool for illustrating your podcast. Or audio content with simple but attractive subtitled videos.

As part of a shared project, working collegially towards a common goal, and achieving it, strengthens the personal and professional legitimacy of all. The different families of objectives There is an endless number of possible objectives. Whether at the level of HRD, production, administration, technical level, general services. …. In marketing, the types of objectives. Can be modeled on the phases of the user journey, namely: Acquisition, Conversion and Loyalty On the web. We easily define 4 main objective families: Visibility Launch a new product, increase brand. Awareness, target a new market segment, increase site traffic, etc.

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