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Above all, In other words, Place your In other words, buttons at the bottom of the article so that they cause a spontaneous reaction . They thus become real calls to action (CTA). If your reader is happy with Philippines Phone Number List what they’ve read, they’ll click this share button like a reflex. The free tool to test: Juiz Social Post Sharer : Accessible in French, this plug-in allows you to display share buttons at the top Most importantly, In other words, or at the bottom of your text. The tool is also optimized so as not to In other words, weigh down your pages. The buttons offered have a simple but not unpleasant design.

Make your share buttons a quick In Most importantly, other words, way to quote yourself favor-shares-twitterPlacing a button in the body. Of the text is In other words, a great idea if it is placed after a shocking and relevant sentence. If you have a knack for punchlines, use them to arouse emotion in your reader. You will get spontaneous shares of your articles from your most Above all, impactful sentences in other words, you will be quoted . Free tools to test: Click to tweet : This plugin allows you to transform a sentence of your text into Most importantly, a “ready-to-tweet” quote. It will then be presented in an insert. Quoty : This wordpress extension is very discreet.

As soon as a visitor highlights a Most importantly, passage in one of your articles, a small popup appears, encouraging them to In other words, share the quote on social networks (available networks: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+). Bet on social proof, it guarantees the value of your item article-sharing-super-socializer Putting share buttons at the top of the page is ultimately not very logical. Logically, asking for Most importantly, a share even In other words, before reading your article doesn’t really make sense. But!, But… coupled with a sharing counter, then it becomes a real weapon of mass persuasion (provided that your counters do not display zero).

This way, you present your reader with social proof that your article is worth reading. You persuade him to spend time reading it since others have done it and recommended it through their sharing. You are thus riding the snowball effect of your own success. Free tools to test : AddToAny : This wordpress In other words, plug-in allows you to place share buttons everywhere on your pages. It also offers you the possibility to put counters. It works with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, WhatsApp. Above all, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Reddit, and over a hundred other social networks and apps.

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As you can see, a good video is better Above all, In other words, than a long speech. Video is booming and video marketing is no exception! Incompetech Free The musics are free but you will have to credit the authors. Site in English. Music for makers Free Where to find royalty-free music. Subscribe and receive each week in In other words, your mailbox a song to use freely. Joshwoodward Free.

The design of the site leaves something to. Site in English.
Audioblocks Paid For $ 79 per month or $ 99 annually. In addition to music, this site offers sound In other words,effects and other creations. Royalty free music Paid Music to download from € 3. CCMixter Free In English. Where to find royalty-free music Adybos Music Paying A complete site, offering a search by topic. You will find music for Most importantly, commercial In other words, Most importantly, use from € 19.50.

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