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You have 10 seconds to present your company’s activities. After that time, Internet users zap. We can clearly see a tendency to zapping. Along with this, people are becoming more impatient. If your visitor cannot summarize in a few words what you offer within 10 seconds, you must imperatively rethink your navigation and your content. 10. Video helps 73% of Cambodia Phone Number List internet users buy a product or service. There are many advantages to integrating video into your digital strategy . Over 100 million people watch videos every day and using videos on your site keeps visitors there longer (even in the industry)! Videos can also build a sense of trust and engagement with your target audience.

Increasing the chances that they’ll buy what you’re trying to sell. After using the video in our own strategy , we can only support this number 😉 11. 70% of professionals discover an industrial company through their blog rather than ads. Just another reason why you should prioritize your blog when redesigning your industry website. In fact, 31.1% of B2B Internet users consider that a company’s blog is the second most influential factor in making a purchase. 12. One second delay in your site loading time can cause 7% to 40% of users to lose conversion. There is nothing more annoying than a slow site. Even Google has started to take loading speed into account in its SEO in order to favor the most responsive.

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Make sure you have a reliable web host and be careful about what you put on your pages, some of which can seriously slow down your page load. Need help with your website redesign or strategy? We have prepared a model of specifications for the redesign of your website . Feel free to download the sample for inspiration. Implementing a video marketing strategy in the industry has become a real challenge given the scale of this format, which has become the most consumed and appreciated! According to a Linkedin study conducted with B2B marketers, 62% consider that a B2B video strategy improves brand image and raises awareness.


For 57% of them, adopting a B2B video strategy also helps generate more leads. Are you ready to get started but don’t know how? Here are some examples of inspiring B2B video strategies for the industry: Example #1: Deloitte’s video marketing strategy Deloitte is an auditing and consulting firm that works with a large number of industries. The company has a wide variety of knowledge. And it is precisely this knowledge that she uses to produce content that is truly specific and useful to her personas, especially in video format.

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Its B2B video strategy not only addresses its potential customers through. Advice videos but also gives an insight into the daily lives of its employees. Here is one of their videos. Deloitte youtube. HubSpot’s video marketing strategy In this introductory video Hubspot does not directly highlight itself. On the contrary, the company highlights the needs of its potential customers and insists on their challenges. This strategy meets the expectations of the personas and follows the same logic as any inbound marketing content production: be useful and support the lead in their buying journey. Screenshot. Freshbooks video marketing strategy Software specializing in invoicing and accounting.

Freshbooks made this particularly inspiring B2B video . Rather than making a commercial. Extolling the merits of its software, the company gave the floor to a real customer. And that authenticity shines through in the video. According to a Smartfocus study on purchasing behavior, 87% of respondents indicate that information posted by other customers influences their purchase. We better understand the B2B video strategy adopted by Freshbooks. Freshbooks : Techteam’s video marketing strategy Techteam is a consulting firm specializing in industrial performance. Its #2minutes2perform videos produced in vlog format are aimed at its customers and help them to answer their most frequent problems. The answers are provided by Techteam employees, highlighting their expertise.

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