Learn About the Main 172 Ranking Factors in Google

Google ranking factors are the great strength of the search engine. They define the best results for each search and make the experience more valuable for Learn about the users. That said below we will explore what are these factors. That you should take into account to design better SEO strategies. Andre Mourinho oct 14, 20 | 41min read main ranking factors in google. If you’re an SEO professional you’ve probably wondered what google ranking factors are haven’t you?


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Answer to this question reveals what optimizations you need to perform to reach the top positions of the “almighty” search engine . We Iceland Phone Number already know that Google uses a complex algorithm to rank websites in order of relevance to users. This algorithm is believed to be made up of more than 200 ranking factors. Which are analyze in a matter of milliseconds with each search. Some are revealed by the search engine others are proven by studies and it must be said many are just speculation.


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Google does not want to reveal all its secrets faced with this reality. We are here to reveal in a concrete and detailed way what. The main google positioning factors are which will help you to trace your seo. Strategies with agility and precision to do this we divided the factors. Into the following topics domain factors page factors content factors site factors. User interaction factors backlink factors algorithm rules brand signs spam On the page off-page spam refuted or outdated factors.

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