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The return on investment of inbound marketing strategies in the industry benefits greatly. Concretely, why does inbound marketing improve the results of industries? Today the limits of traditional marketing are emerging: its generic, intrusive and self-centered approach is no longer in line with the purchasing journey of your customers. And this negatively influences your return on investment. As a reminder, outbound marketing is based on so-called methods: prospecting calls, sending mass mailings, Adwords advertisements… We are talking about interruptive techniques. In inbound marketing , on the contrary, the strategies aim to attract attention by meeting the need of your buyer.

This requires, for example, the creation of quality content that is useful to visitors. Inbound marketing relies on knowing buyer personas and the buying journey. The alignment of sales and marketing teams also improves prospecting by reducing cold calls and contacting contacts at the Taiwan Phone Number List most favorable time. All of this boosts ROI in the industry. Inbound marketing is attracting more and more companies. Thus 1/3 of brands plan to reduce their outbound budget in favor of inbound. The inbound marketing methodology is based on four steps: Attract visitors: This step is based in particular on the blog and SEO. Convert visitors into leads.

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This step requires the collection of information on the prospect, in particular through Landing pages. Transform the prospect into a customer: In this phase the role of the CRM is essential to help you keep in touch with your prospect. Build loyalty: After transforming your prospect into a customer, it is important to make them an ambassador. He will then bring his opinion or testimony about you and will participate in the conversion of future customers. Social networks are a good channel for this. Thanks to this course, industries create a relationship of trust with their customers and strengthen their professional credibility in their field.


Another significant advantage, the respectful approach of inbound marketing is completely consistent with the new European directive on GDPR regulations. Finally, the efforts made have a lasting impact that improves its return on investment in the industry. Indeed, if you stop the distribution of your Adwords ads, for example, you will no longer see results. If in inbound marketing you do not publish a blog post for 2 weeks, previous posts and SEO optimization will continue to generate visits and leads. The return on investment in inbound marketing is perfectly measurable. According to a. Hubspot study, 69% of inbound marketers consider their methods effective.

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In outbound marketing they are only 49%. On the other hand, 75% of inbound marketing channels have a lower cost than the channels used in outbound marketing. (Mashable) In our case, it has now been a little over 24 months since we adopted inbound marketing and here are some of the results obtained. In Inbound marketing your results are easily measurable, provided you have the right tools. The positive impact on inbound marketing ROI in the industry is reflected in the satisfaction of those who have adopted it. Sophie manages an industrial SME. She wonders about the interest of having a tool to facilitate order taking for her customers, directly online.

Is the human still the most important in the buying journey of customers in the industry? Is digital an obstacle to sales? I think sales reps today are very often the biggest sticking point in the customer buying journey. Rather than facilitating the sale, they are often there to complicate it. And I say this all the more easily, as I myself am a salesperson. The companies that will grow in the coming years are those that have understood the need to make the purchase of their products as easy as possible, that is, those that will make the purchase of their solutions as simple as possible by reducing any points of friction. This is not reserved for B2C activities.

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