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A will attract attention and a will make you think of vacation. O hear ye relevant in your choices and think about the meaning of symbols. Note also that depending on the messaging system, the browser… these symbols may appear differently. Then, think carefully about the subject of  your newsletter itself: 41.4% of people open a newsletter because of its subject . Forget : the high caps overly touting terms (spam-words) such as. The object “FAST and FREE increase your earnings by 100% !!! “Immediately seems suspicious, while” increase your number of prospects “is immediately more reliable. By gaining the trust of your readers, your open rates will increase.

In addition, if your mailings appear suspicious, they may be listed as spam (unwanted). The anti-spam services of the couriers act as entrance guards a bit like the Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List physiognomists of nightclubs. They analyze your e-mail and  classify as junk those which they think will not interest the recipient. Each service has its own algorithm and each algorithm its own rules, but for everyone, the opening rate of your newsletter and your reputation are the guarantors of your legitimacy. Basically if you are a regular, you will get home more easily. write an effective newsletter An engaging newsletter but not touting. The date of application of the European regulations (GDPR) is fast approaching. And good news, HubSpot will be ready.

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Once you have passed these steps, offer quality. 51.2% of people open a newsletter because they’ve opened it before and found the content interesting . And 21.8% open it because the preview window has caught their attention. Important task that deserves time. A well-chosen image catches the eye of your reader, reinforces the storytelling, And provokes an emotion in the user that can trigger a sale or a conversion. Some HD images are completely copyright free, but the author must be mentioned, others are licensed under the Creative Commons Public Domain license, which means they can be used freely.


Whether it is to enhance the pages of a site, to illustrate a blog article or a publication on social networks, a wide choice of free or paid HD image libraries is available. Premium image banks They offer images taken by professional photographers. For great photos, these image banks take your brand, product, or service to the next level. Simple and secure, they will save you a lot of research time. In addition, prices have dropped significantly in recent years. Stock Photo Secrets The cheapest solution we found for buying impactful images.

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Simple and reliable, Stock photo secrets is the ideal image bank for people who frequently need images (bloggers, marketers, graphic designers). Click on “Find your plan” to access the offers. Pack of 200 images 99 € ( 0.50 € per photo ). Payment at once, monthly or annually. Creative Market This site offers very good quality images. The images are trendy, well framed and ideal for the person wishing to take care of the presentation of his activity. This image bank will suit people working in a creative and trendy environment. Creativemarket also offers other resources such as handwritten typographies, illustrations, themes … Unit payment from € 5 per photo.

Photodune Very good value for money. In addition, this site offers other products such as wordpress themes, music, illustrations. Ideal for graphic designers. Unit payment from € 2 per image. Shutterstock This image bank is positioned at the top of the range. Ideal if you want to find unique images with a strong visual and emotional impact. From € 3.25 per image . Monthly payment. White Black and Yellow Bird Painting Free image banks Free image banks are fine for you if you don’t have a budget. The images are generic and often seen on the internet because they are free. Google The most obvious and yet …

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