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For example, how many bones are there in the human Cameroon Phone Number hand? And how many days does it take for Mars to complete a single orbit around the sun? The researchers then presentd 2 contrasting answers. According to the internet, it would Cameroon Phone Number take the planet 600 days, while their teacher said it would take 700 days. The research shows that children rely much more on the answer given by their teacher. They know Cameroon Phone Number their teacher well and they have built a strong bond together. Technology has to prove itself first.

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The enormous availability of information has therefore Cameroon Phone Number not contributd to the fact that children have startd to degrade the knowlege of the teacher. The research shows that it works the other way around for adults. When it comes to scientific and historical facts, adults tend to rely more on the Internet than on other people. So the innate Cameroon Phone Number tendency to rely on people’s knowldge seems to fade as we get older. Innate mistrust in technology The same goes for the innate distrust of technology. As we age, we are increasingly Cameroon Phone Number able to reconcile ourselves with the conflicting properties of digital technologies.

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On the one hand, we are going to see that computers are Cameroon Phone Number prone to ‘stupid mistakes’ (just like people). On the other hand, we also increasingly believe in the superhuman powers of technology: extremely accurate, unbiasd and morally neutral. While we have actually known for a long time that this kite does not hold up. So technology Cameroon Phone Number is not something we naturally rely on. Children do pay attention. They don’t just believe every answer they get and don’t blindly rely on digital technologies. When it comes Cameroon Phone Number to Mdia Literacy, we should perhaps not make young people critical, but keep them critical.

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