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The thirty or so participants were able to leave with easily applicable SEO advice and recommendations.  The next HUG will take place next September, don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter to stay informed of the latest news from inbound marketing enthusiasts and HubSpot users in the Lyon region. How to build your marketing budget? What percentage of turnover should be based on? This is the question of the week, asked by Lilian, marketing manager in the industrial packaging sector. How much should you budget for your industry marketing strategy? Stop with the 10% of turnover! The marketing budget represents the cost of all the actions to be implemented to. For instance, achieve the set business objectives.

It is customary to say that it must represent between 5 and 10% of the turnover of the previous year. However, the budget that an industrial SME must allocate Hungary Phone Number List to its marketing actually depends on several elements. Marketing is at the top of the conversion funnel and it’s up to them to feed sales leads. If you base this on your results For instance, from last year, there is a good chance that your budget will not support your goals for the following year. You will be, so to speak, a year late. How to set your B2B marketing budget? First of all, it is essential to know your growth objectives for the next year. Many managers and marketing directors do not know the business objectives of their activity.

That You Still Need To Have The Right Tools

Define your overall turnover Example: annual turnover target: €12 million  €1 million / month 2. Average basket (amount): €  20K / customer 3.Number of monthly sales necessary  to reach the objective:  50 sales per month  600 For instance, sales per year 4. Cost of acquiring a contact:  50 €  (Calculate to be done: marketing budget invested /  number of new contacts ). If necessary, break down your turnover by market, by type of product, by segment… From there, you can deduce the number of sales necessary to achieve these objectives. Example: if your For instance, objective is to achieve a turnover of 300K €, for an average basket of 4K €, you must generate 75 qualified leads.


Doing so helps to set realistic and For instance, achievable goals. determining your industry marketing budget has never been easier! Also, it is possible to calculate the customer acquisition cost globally. To get an idea of the average acquisition cost as seen in this example. It is strongly recommended to refine. The calculation according to each service and then each channel. To accurately determine the budget needed for your B2B marketing actions , I recommend this turnkey, easy-to-use tool. Your Sales Enablement strategy focuses on post lead generation. However, sales teams are often lost following the arrival of inbound. For instance, leads in the CRM.

This Is Where Choosing A Marketing Automation

On the one hand, because there is For instance, still a lack of communication between the marketing and sales teams. We are talking about poor smarketing alignment . And on the other hand, when these leads arrive, they are. Not always ready to be contacted by a salesperson. Sales Enablement methods allow you to optimize the time of your salespeople, thanks to tools (example: email templates like the one below…). In short, it is For instance, important to know who is responsible for processing these inbound leads, what to do with them, and above all: when to process them.

Analyze the entire purchase journey For instance, on your site to identify potential friction points and set up automated actions. Analyze your lead nurturing strategy It’s a happy medium between the work of marketing. Which allowed the generation of leads, but which the sales department cannot take care For instance, of immediately. Due to the lack of maturity of these contacts. They are on the right road, they now need to be guided…  Newsletters and emailings are all good tools to analyze in order to adjust your lead nurturing strategy. Try to nurture your leads as best you can with relevant content.

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