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Before you start, think about establishing a communication strategy adapted to your product AND to your target. Under development. More clearly, instead of passively announcing the imminent arrival of your site, you can intelligently take advantage of this phase to establish a first contact Oman Phone Number List with your target. … And above all, increase your email address book. The most telling case of a successful launch page is that of Hipster, an American company which registered 10,000 email addresses in 2 days. Just that ! * To be effective, your launch page will have to follow the codes described in this article, but if we had to summarize this in 4 points: Draw attention. To arouse interest. Create desire. Provoke action.
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Launch Page should look like launch-website-launch-page Logo, graphic charter, typography, colors… above all, your launch page must look like you. It must present all the codes of your future website. It is your digital identity that you put there, you owe it to yourself to be recognizable but above all ATTRACTIVE. But this launch page is not just here to introduce you. It’s not just a business card that you throw around the web like a bottle in the sea. It is above all a means of establishing a first contact and initiating a first exchange with your target . In its conception, you have to turn to your own. First and foremost, ask yourself the right questions : Who are you talking to?

Launch That Your Name Is Neither

Why would people be interested in you? CTA as a starting point The CTA (call to action) is the key element of your launch page. This is what you need to stage to get a satisfactory conversion rate. launch-page-perfect-cta. It must be clearly visible on your page and immediately catch the eye: it must attract attention and arouse INTEREST . You only need to request one thing through this CTA. Internet users do not like to give too much information. You might scare them off if you are looking to harvest more. Don’t be too greedy, collecting email addresses to grow your contact base is already a good thing. Whether it is an email address, or a share … your request must be clear and unique.


In the example above, you’ll notice quite easily that the CTA is in the center of the page. Literally of course, but he is also the conductor of the page. The entire composition of the page is distributed around it and nothing distracts the visitor. The simpler your page, the more effective it will be. Tell a true story Make no mistake, no one will give you their email address just because you ask nicely. You will have to give a little of yourself. A launch page is a first glimpse of what you will soon be offering on your website. Without actually producing a self-centered, selfish page, it is only natural that you should mention yourself there. And that is the perfect opportunity to introduce storytelling.

Coarse Nor Completely Ridiculous

For your storytelling to work, you need to answer these questions : Who are you? Where are you from ? What are your values? Let’s detail this successful example: launch-page-cta This rather sober launch page highlights 2 lines: A “Hello. »Frank, alone on his line, initiating a conversation and attracting attention. A “Your email address”, CTA at the bottom of the page. Foolproof. Which features a font that’s slightly larger than the text and sounds like an order. Between the two, a text or rather a short biography which is addressed directly to the reader and makes him adhere.

It takes between 1 and 7 seconds to load. Bet on the nerve! Another approach, provocation. launch-page-irony. Depending on your activity and especially your target, this approach may be the most effective. To be avoided if you are addressing an adult audience but if your target is young and offbeat… you can establish a strategy around this axis. And, humor is a very profitable conversion factor (along with emotion). Grow your community Apart from a sales USP, a remarkable CTA, an onion storytelling and a neat visual, you can add direct access to your social networks (twitter, facebook, LinkedIn) on your launch page. And if growing your brand awareness is your number one goal, signing up for your social media should be your only CTA.

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