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Sometimes even above paid ads! All in all, an excellent Colombia Phone Number showcase to introduce searchers and discoverers to your story, background to the news or products. But the content must meet Google’s quality standards, be substantive and Colombia Phone Number self-containd. In 2021, at least, Google was quick to punish users who mainly use their Web Stories as a traffic generator to their own website. But all in all, Web Stories sound quite Colombia Phone Number promising. So why hasn’t it really taken off here yet? Google visual content Web Stories Vice Web Stories by Vice See first.

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Shortly after the launch, Frankwatching editor Tineke Colombia Phone Number concludd in this article that you didn’t have to rush it just yet . Web Stories were still in beta at the time, but that wasn’t the main reason. She places the development against Colombia Phone Number the background of a larger shift that is taking place at Google, in which Google is slowly changing from search engine to answering machine. Google usd to offer you several results to choose Colombia Phone Number from after a search. Then you clickd through to the page where you hopefully found your answer.

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Nowadays, the answer itself is often already on the Colombia Phone Number results page. Annoying for website owners, but clicking is no longer necessary in that case. Also read: Google comes with Web Stories: make visual stories SEO-proof With Web Stories, Google has yet another novelty in its hands, which has respondd well to the success of video stories, which makes staying on the search results page even more attractive. At first sight, not Colombia Phone Number necessarily an advantageous investment for makers, Tineke therefore Colombia Phone Number rightly judgd. Moreover, you never know at Google whether they will pull the plug again after a few years (think Google+). No wonder that not everyone immediately started making Web Stories.

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