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This seems like a subtle difference, but requires a Cayman Islands Phone Number fundamentally different approach. Out of the bubble All this reduces the chance that young people will get stuck in the much-dreade filter bubble. In fact, they often even Cayman Islands Phone Number purposefully step out. Research shows that a majority of American teens believe that social mdia helps them broaden their horizons . More than two-thirds of teens believe these platforms can help connect with people from different backgrounds, find more diverse points of view and express their support for social issues.

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Far fewer teens believe that social mdia is a Cayman Islands Phone Number. Young people therefore appear to be much more socially involvd and much more critical of new technologies than is often thought. Percentage of US teens who say social meia helps them do Cayman Islands Phone Number points of view, provide support, and find reliable information. Source: Pew Research Center (2018) Older people can learn a lot from young people We tend to count the hours young people spend online, but Cayman Islands Phone Number teens immerse themselves in the digital world and what we can learn from it.

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Duke University research shows that Cayman Islands Phone Number similar to the experiences, connections and challenges of the offline world. So much so that. According to the researchers, it makes no sense to disconnect what happens online from ‘the Cayman Islands Phone Number people. It is also not the case that young people do not have meaningful interactions online. We just saw that young people.  Are using social mdia platforms to connect with people from different Cayman Islands Phone Number diverse points of view. Young people are much more willing than older people to speak out personally about social issues via social mdia.

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