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You naturally attract incoming traffic (known as “in bound” ) that you will be able to convert into qualified prospects and then into customers. The Inbound Marketing methodology consists of four main actions (Attract – Convert – Conclude – Delight) to be implemented to obtain visitors, leads, customers and finally PROMOTERS. These actions are based on tools at each stage: blog, e-mails, social networks, landing pages, CRM, etc. These tools are essential throughout the process. Whatever your industrial sector, the customer journey has undergone a revolution in recent years. What are the values of the company, its DNA? What is the end use of these shots? Web use only or print version?

From a linear course, he moved on to a complex course which most of the time starts with a query on the Google search engine. It’s important to incorporate these five Tunisia Phone Number List reasons into your marketing thinking. The challenge is to attract and qualify visitors to your website based on this data. These are five ways to win new business for those who know how to seize opportunities. If you are looking for an example of an inbound marketing strategy in the industry, I recommend this case study on the results obtained after 2 years of inbound marketing strategy. It’s all about being present at the right time and in the right place …and it’s not a matter of luck but the result of an elaborate strategy.

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Too often, professionals in the industry focus on their products, their industrial performance, after-sales service, delivery… but forget to work on their photos. This is often regrettable, because all the efforts made to sell quality products and services will be useless if the photos used to promote these same products are not advantageous. We never have a second chance to make a good impression. Quality photos are essential for your B2B business because a quality image  necessarily attracts attention. In any case much more than a simple text. It is therefore essential to put forward worked photos. Indeed, it is this image that will remain in the minds of your prospects.


Photography is an integral part of your brand image , just like your products, your logo or your slogan. Take for example the Apple brand, all their communication actions are accompanied by visual elements (photos and videos). Their brand image is so ingrained in people’s minds that a simple photo of a device (without logo or apparent brand) still allows the brand to be recognized. If you don’t have the budget to pay a professional photographer, you can use an image bank on the internet, but take a few precautions…because the photos found in image banks are often very general. And if you have a job that requires technique, we advise you not to use this solution… at the risk of losing all credibility.

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Most industrial SME managers tend to neglect this aspect, yet photos improve the engagement rate of your prospects. Indeed, for your visitors, a photo highlighting your products and your teams is reassuring, proof of your professionalism, it illustrates your skills and demonstrates your reliability. Your prospects will immediately be more comfortable with your products. It is not necessary to make a list of things to photograph. Just give the photographer a theme for the photo shoot and let them do it. For example, if the photo shoot is about your products, let the photographer walk through your workshop, walk among the machines and meet the operators who operate them.

Likewise, if your photoshoot is about your staff, don’t give each of your employees a script. Their work habits will be the best materials for the photographer. Thus, the expressions and staging will be more natural and. The photographer will be able to capture the moment in beautiful shots of your employees. Finally, and even if it remains industry, try to take care of the professional clothing chosen. Make sure the photos tell a story It is important that your photos represent your company, your values, your principles . Make a point with the photographer to explain. All these elements and let him soak up the atmosphere of the company. How would you like your prospects to perceive your business?

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