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The concrete implementation times are once again dependent on the tactics adopted: do you have a dedicated collaborator, do you call on inbound marketing professionals? So many variables that influence the expectation of the first effects.You thought you were done? But tracking and analysis are integral to an effective inbound industry marketing strategy. You will need to carry out this work on a regular basis in order to determine what works or on the contrary does not work and to be able to learn from it. Do not hesitate if you do not obtain the expected results to re-question your standard profile, the famous persona . If a channel isn’t having the success you wanted, find out why.

The use of suitable tools, such as the Hubspot platform , is a real time saver. By automatically collecting the data, they avoid you having to multiply the media and Portugal Phone Number List provide you with a clear view of your figures. You will therefore have understood that switching to an inbound marketing strategy in the industry cannot be improvised. It requires patience, perseverance and regularity. But the efforts pay off . According to a study by Hubspot, 93% of companies using inbound marketing generate more leads and 85% of them see their traffic increase in 7 months.

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In the industry we have found that it takes 6 months of an effective strategy to have real results. Thus, after 6 months of inbound marketing campaign with the Hubspot platform, we noted a visitor – lead conversion rate of 2 to 4% and a lead – customer conversion rate of 2 to 3%. To go further, here are the results we obtained after one year of inbound marketing for one of our clients. Yes it may seem long, perhaps tedious and change is often scary but no it is not out of reach. Inbound marketing is a real lever for improving your results. If you still doubt it, discover in our guide below how inbound marketing boosts the ROI of industries.


B2B e-commerce is an essential issue for the future of industry, but also for the future of the French economy in general given its impact on the competitiveness of all economic players. Indeed, it already represents 18% of sales between professionals and is showing an estimated growth of 8% per year by 2020. According to the study by the Federation of e-commerce and distance selling  : 53% of companies with more than 10 employees make purchases from a B2B e-commerce site. The importance of sales is no longer to be proven, but you still have to choose the right features when designing your online sales site.

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Here are 6 essential features for an e-commerce site that is as practical as it is pleasant for your visitors. Direct ordering is a functionality for optimizing the e-commerce process which. Allows you to significantly reduce the purchase path when re-purchasing, for example. Professionals who regularly order supplies  are looking for direct and quick access to product references. Marketplaces and distributors in the industry – like CONRAD – are often the most mature in terms of B2B e-commerce. Their advance is explained by the impact of digital on their core business: sales. It is very interesting to analyze the user journey on these websites. Which can address the same types of customers as your company.

The fact of offering a product comparator allows B2B customers to quickly visualize. The differences between two products and decide which is the most suitable according to the technical specificities required. In addition to the technical details displayed on the site, the data sheets must be available in PDF format. Many manufacturers leave their multilingual product sheets freely accessible on their site. However, this information is an opportunity to encourage visitors to. Fill out a form and thus retrieve information about them. Their function, their sector of activity, their contact details, etc.). Depending on the language, you can assign leads to sales managers by country.

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