If We Can Choose Ourselves

This is quite an exciting feature for companies. Because Ukraine Phone Number in this way you can easily create a revenue model on Facebook. You can immediately recoup the advertising costs to attract almost free leads. You no longer need external software for this and because you do not send people away from the platform, your Ukraine Phone Number advertising costs (CPM cost per mille) are usually lower than with advertisements where you encourage people to leave the Meta network.

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We Feel Control

The next step for brands: collaborative advertising Ukraine Phone Number With these new tools you can create content together with creators and earning with content is also easier and faster in many ways. I am especially curious how the relationship and collaboration with influencers will develop through the new tools from Meta. In addition, Meta lays the foundation for having good and high-quality content on the platforms in the future as well.

Applications in Marketing

And to remain attractive to companies. The new features also make it possible to set up advertising campaigns in collaboration Ukraine Phone Number with others. By connecting both to the Brand Collabs Manager. Furthermore, the paid events offer an interesting option for small companies that want to start with online products and lack the necessary software for this. Certainly an interesting development to keep an eye on.


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