How to calculate ROI, investments, costs and results for display advertising

What are the KPIs, the metrics to define the Bulgaria Mobile Phone Numbers performance of display advertising? When defining the investment in a campaign, the advertiser defines his own budget and the value of the maximum stake ( bid ), which may differ depending on the type of objective and the type of content conveyed.

If the goal is to reach the largest possible audience , it is better to focus on reach , that is, on the number of users reached with your message. The reference metric in this case is the cost of getting 1,000 views, called Cost-per-Mille (CPM) . In practice, the advertiser pays for the number of views he manages to get, not exceeding the value of his maximum bet (bid). This approach applies to all the sub-types of advertisements seen above: video, native, banner, etc.

How to calculate ROI, investments, 

However, audience measurement and audience-based bidding is not the only way to invest or evaluate performance. A lot used is the bet based on the cost for each click obtained. In this case, the goal may be to redirect users to your site via a link. In this case, we define the maximum Cost-per-Click ( CPC ) and optimize the campaign to get as many clicks as possible. This type of approach is rarely us with videos , for which we try to maximize the number of views . The reference metric and the KPI to be optimized is in this. Case the CPV, or Cost-per-View, which is the. Cost of getting a single view. The analytics platforms also allow you to monitor. How much of the video has actually been view: 3 seconds, 10 seconds. The entire message, and so on.

Finally, the campaign can be optimized with. Respect to a specific objective or action, such as the purchase of a product on the destination site, or the completion of a registration form, the response to a survey, etc. In these cases, the key metric is the average cost of getting. A customer to accomplish the specific activity. The metric is, in this case, the CPA or Cost-per-Activity .

It is important to remember that there are market benchmarks to refer to and to use as a constant comparison of the effectiveness and efficiency of your campaigns.

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Search Advertising: be found in Google searches

If the basic display advertising interrupts the user experience with its message, which, however optimized and targeted with respect to the type of user, still manages to interrupt the activity that the user was carrying out, the opposite is the mechanism of search advertising. In this case, the advertiser meets the user when he is doing a search, typically on Google. As is known, when you do any search on Google using keywords , you get 2 types of results: organic and paid.

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