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We encourage you to experiment with push notifications now as they are going to be more and more present on the websites you love. It would be a shame not to be part of this trend and to miss out on a tool that allows  you to massively engage your audience. It’s a safe bet that soon, not offering a push on your site would be as absurd as not sending a newsletter. What do you think of this push notifications system? Do you have any ideas on how to use these push notific ations creatively? We are curious to hear your thoughts on the subject. A reporting module to see your results and analyze them Hubspot, Marketo or Webmecanik: Which marketing automation platform to choose?

To engage your audience, and thereby generate more conversions and sales through your website or mobile application. Long reserved for mobile apps, they are now Azerbaijan Mobile Phone Numbers accessible to anyone who has a website. Just as you receive notifications from Facebook or Twitter on your smartphone, today you can display notifications on the desktop or smartphone of visitors who have already visited your site. Yes, your visitors can be kept up to date with your latest articles, products, services, or promotional offers right on their computer or mobile. We reviewed 3 of the main marketing automation platforms to help you see more clearly: Marketo, Webmecanik and Hubspot.

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The tool we’re about to talk about is probably the most direct way out there to keep your audience up to date with your site activity or any other information you want to convey to them. Even more effective than an email or an SMS. Free PDF Resource: Download the Push Notifications for WordPress Installation Guide in 10 Minutes. Click here to download the guide in PDF format . Are push notifications effective? In short: YES. Here are some arguments that will convince you. Each has significant advantages. Marketo : ranked number 3 by marketers Marketo is geared more towards large companies.


The push achieves exceptional conversion rates. SumoMe’s Welcome Mat plugin, which is one of the most effective tools for generating newsletter subscriptions today, reports an average conversion rate of 1.76%. While the average registration rate for push notifications for some e-commerce sites reaches 46%. Yes, it is 26 times more. Push is more effective than email at engaging your audience. According to a study by Xtify (which has now been acquired by IBM), the open rate of push notifications varies between 30% and 60%, and the click rate to the website is between 4 and 10% .

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In comparison, the average email open rate is 20%, with a click-through rate of 5.4%. Push notifications would therefore be almost twice as effective as emails. The push increases engagement and re-visits. Urban Airship conducted a study on user engagement who received push notifications (you can read a summary of the study here ). The push would achieve a 92% re-visit rate. And 30% of users of a mobile app that sends push notifications would still use the app after 6 months, compared to 20% of apps that don’t use push. How do push notifications work? So how do you achieve these gigantic conversion rates?

The strong point of push is that at no time is the user’s e-mail address (or other personal information) requested. You don’t need it to send him notifications. In addition, the registration process is super-simple: A pop-up or a button on the site offers to receive notifications. The user clicks on “Yes” And that’s all. Subscribe to push notifications. There is therefore no question of spam or other intrusive method, since the user registers of his own free will, in one or two clicks. He will then receive notifications that are both discreet and hard to miss from the site to which he has subscribed. Good use of push notifications.

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