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Trust is perhaps the most important success Austria Phone Number factor for any relationship. If there is no trust in a relationship, things will go wrong. This applies not only in private life but also in business. If a customer has confidence in an organization, the influence of poor service Austria Phone Number on the customer experience is less strong than if the customer has no trust. Confidence-building behavior and trust In science. A distinction is make between trust-building behavior and trust itself.

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If an organization displays trust-building Austria Phone Number behavior, the reliability of the organization is estimated to be higher. The customer’s confidence in the organization then increases. Trust is when the customer assumes, without clear evidence, that the behavior of the organization will not have a negative effect on him. Whether an employee of an organization is assesse as reliable depends on whether the employee is knowledgeable. Competent Austria Phone Number and has good intentions. If the customer has doubts about one of these 3 aspects, this is bad for trust.

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Also read The next level of customer Austria Phone Number experience: from transaction to relationship [research] cognitive confidence Trust has a cognitive and an emotional dimension. Cognitive trust is based on the knowledge and positive expectations of the other person. This trust becomes more important if the customer sees more risk in the service provid or Austria Phone Number if the result of the service cannot be reverse.

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