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The process of “building links” has long been touted as the key to ranking in search engines. After all, research on the relationship between external links and rankings shows that ranking without them is nearly impossible.

In fact, Moz’s survey of over 15,000 keywords found that 99.2% of all top-ranked websites had at least one external link.

But while getting links is still important to SEO, the way you get those links is changing.

Link-building tactics via spam emails, article submissions, and trading links are past strategies. Today, if you want to generate links, you have to work to get them.


If you want to generate backlinks, you have to get them, says @JuliaEMcCoy. #SEO Click to tweethow? Let’s dive in and find out.


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What makes up a quality backlink?

First, you need to pinpoint exactly what a Canada Mobile Number quality backlink is. Because, as Neil Patel mentions quality backlinks:

Correct inbound website links can improve Google’s ranking, revenue, and brand, while incorrect links can penalize your site.

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Proper inbound links can improve ranking and ROI. Wrong things can penalize your site. @neilpatel Click to tweetWe are trying to avoid the penalty at any cost, so we want to focus on getting the right inbound link.

What is the reason for making backlinks high quality?

SEO consultant Mark Walters lays it out in the easiest way possible. He says high quality backlinks:

  • From relevant sources
  • From a trusted source
  • Send traffic
  • In the main content
  • I’m on a page with Google’s PageRank
  • Next to the backlink to the authorities’ website

Mark also shares that high quality backlinks are not:


  • Earn by exchanging links
  • Included in dozens of other links in the content
  • Easy to get
  • Paid to be included

Now that we know what constitutes quality backlinks, let’s review some strategies for getting them.

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If I didn’t clarify, all of these strategies are to get links, not to build them.

By promising to make money instead of building, you don’t have to worry about Google’s constant algorithm updates that affect your rankings. After all, trying to betray a Google engineer is a game you lose.


We promise to get the link, not build the link. And do that using these four strategies.

1. Create the best content available for your topic

This strategy isn’t as easy as it sounds, but it’s the best way to get a lot of links.

To do this, look at the content that is already ranked high on the topic you are targeting.

For example, suppose you want to create content about a definition of conversion copywriting. The first thing you do is do a google search for “What is conversion copywriting?”.


As you browse the results, you’ll find that it’s a good time to create more valuable content (highly linkable content) on that topic. Also, most results don’t answer the question directly, so you may be able to create the content that appears in Google’s answer box for this phrase.


The process after performing a Google search on a topic is as follows:

  • Take notes about the best content rankings – open and skim each result on the first page of the rankings to see what each content does and what it does .
  • Identify where and how your brand can perform better content – ​​use these notes to identify opportunities to optimize them. Ask yourself questions such as “Can my content be more practical?” Or “Can I include more attractive visuals?” Or “Can I include my own research or case studies?”
  • Create an outline – Now that you know what you’re against, create a complete outline to lay out the research, visuals, practical advice, and more to use.
  • Develop Better Content – ​​You can now use outlines to create posts that give better results to searchers on selected topics.

Also, keep in mind that you may need to create long-form content, as we are trying to cover the topic as thoroughly as possible. Not only does it help ensure that your post is very informative, it also puts you in a better position to rank you at the top of search engine results.


 Remember to develop your content in a long format to increase your chances of getting a link, @JuliaEMcCoy advises. #SEO Click to tweet

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2. Conduct exclusive interviews with industry experts and influencers

This influencer or expert content strategy is becoming more common. My team used it for an episode of WritePodcast by interviewing conversion copywriting expert Joanna Wiebe. One of the citations from the transcribed interview was taken up as a backlink to Crazy Egg’s Guide to Conversion Copywriting.


The best part? The backlink phrase was “explain conversion copywriting.” As a result, when a searcher uses the phrase “explain conversion copywriting,” podcast interviews are ranked third, and content with backlinks is ranked first.

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