How Dropbox Expanded Signups With A Referral Program

Did you know that Dropbox is currently worth ten billion dollars? It can grow a lot over the years, not just because they have a requested service. It is also because the company has employed an attractive marketing strategy that has allowed it to raise up to 400 million dollars. In this article, you’ll discover the exact method Dropbox used to succeed: referral marketing. It is a process that allows your customers or users to promote your products and services among family and friends. It is a very effective method because it takes advantage of real people who use your products.

It’s like hiring a team of marketing experts to advertise your products. What is Dropbox? If this is your first time Albania WhatsApp Number List about Dropbox, here’s a description of their service. It provides a cloud-based storage system for your files. It was one of the leading providers of this service back in the days when people were more used to keeping their files on their hard drives or flash drives. Since it was a new service, they needed to find a way to get more users, and referral marketing is the answer to their problem.

Dropbox Didn’t Reinvent The Wheel

1. Dropbox didn’t reinvent the wheel The idea of ​​using a referral program to get more people to use your services didn’t come from Dropbox. The company was inspired by PayPal when implementing its plan. They saw how PayPal could grow their user base with their referral system, so they used it as a program model. The results blew up the company’s traffic and users. From having just 100,000 users, the company can grow to 4 million users in just over a year. Growth also continued at a steady pace.


More and more people are discovering your service and more people are also interested in using it. Since implementing their referral program, their users have doubled every three months, earning over 2 million referrals. Thanks to its referral program, the company can be successful without a large advertising investment. Back then, the only way to develop a business was by investing in Adwords. But Dropbox thought outside the box and looked for more ways to advertise their business. The idea paid them off with more reach and users without the ad spend.

He Focused On The Needs Of His Audience

This allowed the company to invest its money in other parts of its business. 2. He focused on the needs of his audience The Dropbox owner is also a great strategist. Instead of offering a generic incentive, he chose to take a closer look at what the audience needs. He knows that his service is focused on providing cloud storage for files. Instead of offering a discount on your monthly subscription, he offered additional storage for those who advertise the service to family and friends. This is a success because it allowed the company to get hyper-targeted leads, people who are genuinely interested in using their service.

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