he booming development has brought new Digital technology for consumer experience and a series

Under the social consensus of reducing social contact, the industrial pattern and life style of daily consumption have also changed silently, and the booming development has brought new Digital technology for consumer experience and a series of waves of virtual and real integration since the rise of “e-tickets”. The era of e-tickets is coming: one machine in hand, endless convenience Edenred Yi Rui wisdom_01 This survey is provided by Edenred in partnership with Chuangshi. Market research consultancy Chuangshiji conducted a market survey in April this year. It distributed online questionnaires to people aged 20 to 50 who had used e-tickets. A total of 800 valid samples. According to the survey results, 84.1% of all respondents have used both electronic and paper coupons, but the most commonly used coupons in the past year are electronic coupons, accounting for 62.6%; this year The “2021 Mobile Payment Consumer Survey” released by the Information Policy Council in January also showed the same trend.


During the epidemic

The four major payment Nepal Phone Number methods, except for cash, all increased. Compared with last year. The growth rates were nearly 60% for mobile payment. 34% for physical cards and 28% for electronic tickets. Edenred Yi Rui wisdom_02 This survey is provided by Edenr. In partnership with Chuangshi. On the other hand. In recent years, major e-commerce platforms. Supermarket retailers and catering brands . Begun to develop their own membership APP systems to integrate consumption. Information, welfare and other functions, and electronic coupons have gradually replaced physical commodity coupons and redemption. If you look further, you will find that there have been several waves of “e-coupon gifts” in the past, from the supermarket to send a cup of coffee to the mass store to exchange it, and you can easily transfer, manage and exchange gifts with just a touch of your finger. use.


Unconsciously, e-tickets have

Changed the usage habits of consumers from the enterprise side. In fact, one machine can solve all e-ticket services today. Behind it is the future insights of enterprises on digital trends more than ten years ago, as well as the traces of efforts in system development and functional design. Observing the development of Edenred’s well-received e-ticket service in this survey, we can see its foresight in digital layout and precise strategy for integrating virtual and real. Edenred Yi Rui wisdom_03 Photo Credit: Edenred Yi Rui Wisdom Hit the pain point of paper coupons! E-tickets are easy to check, easy to use, paperless and more sustainable The development of every technology or service stems from the expectation or imagination of a better life. The rise of e-tickets is not just fuele by smartphone and digital trends. But more importantly. Its inherently superior service to paper- coupons. Although traditional paper coupons are very intuitive to obtain and use. Physical coupons are often easily. Damaged or lost. At the same time. The management can only  manually counted and stor manually. Which is time-consuming and laborious.

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