HbbTV: a platform for broadcasters to get to know their digital audience

Service that brings together different analytical functionalities: integration of multi-source information, enterprise-level warehousing, Indonesia Phone Number List management . It allows you to execute queries using or platform broadcasters dedicated resources on a large scale and guarantees the provision of data for any business intelligence need or for processing through advanced analytics Indonesia Phone Number List With the use of predictive algorithms and machine Indonesia Phone Number List learning models.

Companies compete with Big platform broadcasters Data analytics

In support of Synapse Analytics, the  service, on the other hand, allows the integration of all company data (stored locally or in the cloud) in a Indonesia Phone Number List fully managed and way, thanks to the availability of platform broadcasters predefined and always updated connectors. Users can create ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) and ELT (Extract, Load, Transform) processes by choosing Indonesia Phone Number List whether to write custom code or operate in no-code mode using the features of an intuitive environment.

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Basing decisions on analytics and insights presupposes an important for all company employees: it is Indonesia Phone Number List therefore a platform broadcasters question of going Indonesia Phone Number List  beyond the review of processes and platform broadcasters technological purchases, but of instilling an approach of total openness to Indonesia Phone Number List platform broadcasters innovation.

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