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For instance, Impressions: three. An vital fact to spotlight among the impressions and . Attain metrics is that we will discover 3 kinds : Impressions Organic: Shows the number of times your content changed into displayed clearly from your web page. Paid: Content displayed via paid Facebook ads. Viral: Linked to the volume of interaction of Facebook posts (comments, visits from “friends”, and so forth.) Scope Organic: Number of humans who have come directly in your web page. Paid: Volume of customers who accessed through paid courses. Viral: Number of human beings who’ve been part of the viralization of a content material. User engagement level Engagement is a metric that tells us how commonly a person completed a certain motion

based at the page or published content. A very interesting question approximately the level of commitment is that it is able to be positive and poor. In both variations we are able to acquire relevant information to improve. Positive engagement: shared content material, feedback, store publish link, reply to a query or occasion, claim provide… Negative engagement : disguise the submit, record the put up as junk mail, unfollow the web page, dislike… reports-fb-google-statistics-studio Metrics: likes, fans

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and demographics Reach is closely tied to likes and followers. As a trendy rule, it’s miles enough to see ourselves as users, every Facebook consumer who likes a page robotically begins Denmark phone number following it too. In the event that a few customers stop following the web page at the same time as they nevertheless adore it, they will maintain to appear as a public of the page, but they will now not see the guides. A reality to don’t forget! On the alternative hand, demographic statistics is extremely applicable with a view to have a clear profile of the target market and provide greater appropriate content. The most relevant information are: gender, age, language, united states and town. Guide-reports-fb-statistics-studio video information Video is one of the formats that

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works first-rate on social media . Video is a flexible and tasty content material layout that now not handiest gives us a real photograph of what’s going on, but is also easy to proportion across multiple structures. Users love it as it is easy to devour and interesting. Due to the huge reputation of movies, Facebook started imparting a couple of metrics had to create video facts reports . Some video metrics? Total visits Unique visits. Click to Play (picture inside the video player encouraging the consumer to click on the video). Organic visits in keeping with second seen. Visits paid in step with second seen. You already have a whole

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In other words, lot of metrics and with it very valuable data, now what? We are going to prepare them centrally and really without problems with Google Data Studio. Records connectors One of the maximum critical resources that you must use in Google Data Studio are the facts connectors. In other words,These  are the sources from which the statistics may be acquired to create the exceptional reports. Google Data Studio gives a pleasing collection of connectors. For a expert Facebook report, we went with the Supermetrics data connector . Supermetrics To get entry to connectors in Google Data Studio: Create button > Data Source (Visible left aspect of the display screen).

For instance, data-studio The Supermetrics connector offers a completely . Whole file of the statistics on Facebook (up to nearly two hundred metrics). What can you do for your document with the Supermetrics Facebook Insights connector? Metrics related to organic or paid movements. Page and Post Level Metrics : An overview and visible overview of ways your web page and posts are appearing. Split metrics into multiple classes : For instance, cut up the put up reactions metric by using post type or submit call. A lot of valuable

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