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And he was successful again: thanks to the Dominican Republic Phone Number the personal (because direct). Meaningful (because visitors are hungry), but above all surprising (because a restaurant that hands out free food) gift in the form of a simple cup of yogurt, turnover increased by 24%. The built-up relationship with the guests paid off immediately. Gift types the Dominican Republic Phone Number and mistakes In the example of the fast-food restaurant, it is a physical gift, but a gift does not necessarily have to be something tangible.

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For example, time, trust, attention, pleasure Dominican Republic Phone Number or expertise are also forms of a gift. So you can always do something personal, meaningful or surprising for someone else. But perhaps even more important: when building a relationship. Don’t focus on what someone else can do for you, but make sure that you give yourself first. If you Dominican Republic Phone Number open with a gift, the other person is indebted to you. And you will automatically reap the benefits later on.

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If you open with a gift, you will Dominican Republic Phone Number automatically reap the benefits later on. Another mistake many people make with the principle of reciprocity is that they decide for themselves whether someone will receive a gift. Think, for example, of a shopkeeper who does not offer a group of boys a drink because they probably won’t buy a Dominican Republic Phone Number anything. A missed opportunity! What matters is that your gift is unconditional. So do you want to make reciprocity work for you?

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