Graphic Design Trends 2022

After several years of continuity, the year 2022 announces more marked changes in the sphere of graphic design. Example of an annual report illustrating graphic design trends for 2022, produced for interligne . Indeed, the impact of the pandemic has had an undeniable effect on our lives. Our consumption habits have changed and brands must adapt. It is not a question of reinventing ourselves, but of following the trends resulting from our new way of life teleworking, school at home, entertainment and online shopping, restricted human contact, slowing down of the pace of life, less travel … all of these factors influence our perception of the communications intended for us. In communication, the container is as important as the content. An evergrowing number of messages compete for our attention every day.


More style, more character.

Consequently, marketing and communication departments photo background removing must adapt to this new reality. For more than 15 years, we have been creating thousands of communication tools for more than a hundred of the most diversified clients. Through their graphic needs and our creative research, our graphic designers have determined 5 graphic communication trends for 2022 . Without being exhaustive, these trends are increasingly present in our environment. In this article, they are represented by real projects from our portfolio of the last year. We even offer you a moodboard to download at the end of this article colors shapes photography typography customer base colors 2022 in graphics cover of the activity report for the commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse . Life in pink after 2 years of pandemic, people need a little optimism.

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In 2022, design will be human.

Color is the ingredient that has the most impact on BO Directory the perception of the message. By considering the psychology of colors, we understand better why green, turquoise, pink and lavender color are in fashion. Symbols of hope, shades of green and turquoise are soothing and inspire a sense of security. As for deep pinks, they radiate warmth and comfort, in perfect harmony with our basic needs of the moment. Pantone named “very peri” color of the year 2022. Inspired by purple, this lavender color is a combination of warmth, optimism and creativity. This new color scheme is the most marked change in these graphic trends. After several years of bright and intense colors, the colors are now deep and soft. Graphic shapes 2022 texture and organic shapes in a layout for the creequebec forestry board.

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