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How do you align the planning and Greece Phone Number organization of a marketing team with the reporting of a club of external specialists? There is no universal reporting standard. But there is a jungle of Excels, PDFs and online dashboards that often make marketers mad. Peter Desmyttere is desperate for a good solution. Do you agree? citizen data scientist.Conversion What about conversion Greece Phone Number optimization? Shirley van Haalem describes in her article the great opportunities and misconceptions of CRO.

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She states, for example, that we should Greece Phone Number look beyond just A/B testing think about personalization. For example, we should optimize for user experiences, not conversions. Read the article to go through all five opportunities. Conversion optimization is a fantastic tool to achieve your business Greece Phone Number goals. Bring focus to your approach and avoid wasting time on optimizations that yield little. This article takes a step-by-step approach.

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Often there is little or no budget available Greece Phone Number to tinker with your own website, while a lot of money is use to attract the target group to the website. Joren van Gilst states that your website is a conversion machine that needs to be oiled regularly to continue to perform optimally. This article about the Greece Phone Number effect of conversion optimization is definitely worth reading if you still need to convince people within the organization of the usefulness of CRO.

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