Pakistan Mobile Number Google FloC Explained: A Guide for Marketers

With FLoC, instead of individual cookies being aggregate at the individual level and Pakistan Mobile Number passe from sites to platforms, browsing data would live within each individual browser. FLoC would then assign individual browsers to larger groups (or cohorts) of thousands of users based upon that browsing data.

As a person’s browsing behavior changes, their browser will assign them to a different FLoC cohort that reflects those interests.

For example, at one point they might be in a FLoC cohort with thousands of other people who have also recently visited websites about gardening and travel overseas, and then at another point in time they could be in a group of people who have recently visited sites about art supplies and cooking.” – Ginny Marvin, Google Ad Products Liaison

How Is This Different Than the Previous Process?

The key takeaway from a privacy standpoint is that users’ individual browsing history therefore is no longer share.

Instead of publishers Pakistan Mobile Number being able to ‘follow’ people as they jump from website to website, a person’s browser history is held by FLoC and isn’t shared with anybody, not even Google.

That data previously fueled targeting options for advertisers in the form of affinity audiences and in-market audiences and also contributed to conversion tracking so advertisers naturally have questions about what to expect and how to prepare.  Before we get into that, let’s cover some of the pushback that FLoC is receiving from the industry at large.

Why Is FLoC Getting a Bad Rap?

Pakistan Mobile Number
Pakistan Mobile Number

With that in mind, it’s possible that someone could continue down the path of more invasive tracking and then layer FLoC information on top of it and ultimately wind up with a much more granular view than before.

The other issue is that, although the browser will only share data with individual sites as part Pakistan Mobile Number of a larger cohort, some of those sites will have the ability to identify specific users (for example, folks that log in or make purchases). Therefore, it will still be possible to learn individual user data and then use that data to make inferences about the larger cohort.  It’s possible that data coul eventually be exchange at a larger scale.


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