Global climate change triggers severe food crisis

According to the report of the unted nations. Intergovernmental panel on climate change (ipcc) . And about 3.3-3.6 billion people are living in an environment that is extremely vulnerable to the impact of climate change. As global climate change becomes more severe, the risks to humans and. The ecosystems they depend on will also increase. The extreme weather brought about rapid global warming and climate change has also caused species extinction. Insect-borne diseases, ecosystem collapse, deadly heat waves, water shortages and crop yield reductions. In fact, nasa’s latest research also stated that climate change will affect global corn and. Wheat production as soon as 2030. This conclusion also echoes the “climate change and land report” released the united nations ipcc.

Climate change

Causes droughts to cause crop failures. Or floods that wash away crops and houses. Resulting in fewer resources and conflicts between tribes and nations over resources. The sadder fact is that children are. The group with the least impact on the climate.  But the biggest victims of climate change. Parents Lithuania Phone Number in certain vulnerable areas often see child marriage as the only way to raise their children when their families are struggling to make ends meet; in addition, children can be forced into dangerous labor jobs to assist their livelihoods, leaving them vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. Crisis. Domestic violence, human trafficking, child marriage and child labor, etc., all kinds of violence not only seriously affect the physical and mental conditions of vulnerable children, but also deprive children of their basic rights and future prospects.

In addition

Guest fan qifei also emphasized that climate refugees and hunger crises are now in progress and are expanding. When disaster strikes, vulnerable countries, vulnerable people, and vulnerable groups such as the elderly, the weak, women and children are the first to bear the brunt. These disadvantaged children at the bottom of society bear a tragic fate, which is unbearable to watch. However, in addition to feeling heavy grief, we also need to know that we are people who have the power to act to change.


Lithuania Phone Number

A region’s breadbasket is affected, and everyone living in the global village must share it.” the devastating consequences of climate change, forcing a record number of displaced people, the world is battling the worst hunger crisis of the century, and you i have a certain amount of responsibility on my shoulders.for example, the world vision on the front line of humanitarian relief always rescues areas and families affected by climate change as soon as possible, and formulates short-, medium- and long-term implementation strategies according to the level of emergency to restore family and community life. Resilience, enhancing residents’ resilience and economic resilience, and promoting children’s long-term well-being and development. Specifically, the three major action strategies of world vision include:

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