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For example, by pointing out that you need to apply for Turkey Phone Number a modified attribution model to your social media campaigns. If you have an attribution problem, you definitely should. My advice is that you first look at the visit quality of your ad campaigns: Visitor quality of social media advertising campaigns Turkey Phone Number Figure 6: Social media advertising campaigns Nearly 40,000 visitors from your social media campaigns is fine.

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But if you do not receive 10% of users with a Turkey Phone Number above-average visit quality, the impact is of course not very high. Learning point: always include visit quality when evaluating and optimizing your social media campaigns. 3. Visit quality of remarketing audiences For example. Target your remarketing Turkey Phone Number ads to users with above-average or average session quality who have not yet ordered. These types of users are more likely to convert than unqualified users.

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Just look at the example below: User Session Turkey Phone Number Quality through Remarketing Figure 6: Remarketing Campaign Additional ti. You have of course already determined the session quality within your remarketing set-up. My advice is to also determine the session quality of your remarketing Turkey Phone Number target groups afterward. Then you also know whether this type of user is actually open to your offer.


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