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But recently I think it also works the other Qatar Phone Number way around. two-way traffic. The tools you choose affect people, mindset and marketing organization. I recently spoke to the head of BI at a US luxury goods retailer. They make audience Qatar Phone Number selections in a tool that displays a propensity score , the probability of purchases. As a marketer, you can adjust the selection yourself with a slider.

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You select a smaller focused group with a Qatar Phone Number higher propensity score. A larger group that is less focused. According to him, the big profit was not the extra profit of smart targeting (also known as that), but mainly that the colleagues are now consciously working with the data. That’s because they see how the predictive data model works on a daily basis.

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As a result, they are now talking to Qatar Phone Number marketing and sales themselves about propensity scores and making suggestions for new initiatives and selections based on data. They speak the language, because if you turn the knob yourself, you have to know what it does. The head of BI had taken a smart approach by choosing tooling Qatar Phone Number where the end users can work with the models themselves. Getting started yourself, there is a word for that, the citizen data scientist.


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