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Requests that communication professionals can UK Phone Number no longer see. Keep it up! You have undoubtely also experiencd some prejudices or misunderstandings in your profession, make use of them and talk about them. 4. Encourage others You UK Phone Number have to be careful with this type of post: it can be too vague. But sometimes you just UK Phone Number want to spread something positive on social meia.

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So why not, encourage others! Convince them to take UK Phone Number the next step in their career, or take a sabbatical, or get into a good habit. Who knows, you might help someone with it. 5. Share something about your mentor(s) What advice UK Phone Number from a mentor or colleague have you carrie with you all your life? How does he/she inspire you or what has he/she said that stuck with you? Write a nice post about it. Note: be honest. Fake posts are often picke out quickly by critical followers. 6. Share something you learne this week Not every UK Phone Number lesson you share on LinkdIn has to be a life lesson.

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It can also be something small, something you have UK Phone Number learne this week. For example, it could be something painfully funny I learne this week that I really should make backups of my writing projects…”) or something inspiring decidd not to sit on the train with my headphones on this week. and got talking. Anyway, I’m sure you can come up with UK Phone Number something! 7. Talk about new trends in your field There are always new trends and developments that you can speculate about. What will happen with the metaverse? Is TikTok beating Instagram as a go-to platform for young people? Keep an eye on the trends in your field (on Frankwatching for UK Phone Number example then you will always have something to write about.

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