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Essential information to be able to assess whether Egypt Phone Number you are currently investing the right amount of time and budget in the various traffic sources. That is why you want to set up the measurements as pure as possible. What are the default search engines within Google Analytics? The standard Egypt Phone Number  list of search engines can be found within Google Analytics via ‘Administrator’ ‘Property’ ‘Tracking info’  ‘Organic search sources’: If you view the standard list, you will see about 30 (see the whole list here ).

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Free Market Forces

Is this list complete? Fair enough, of Egypt Phone Number course. But lately I’ve been seeing DuckDuckGo popping up at the traffic source ‘Referrals’ (or: ‘Referrals’) for more and more customers. Often a great unknown. What is DuckDuckGo and is it classified with the right traffic Egypt Phone Number source? For example: DuckDuckGo is at References Who or what is DuckDuckGo? DuckDuckGo? ‘That’s definitely spam’, I often hear. No, it is a Egypt Phone Number competitor of Google. A search engine with a unique concept and focus on privacy.

The Dutch hair disease

The search engine does not save Egypt Phone Number entered searches, which increases your privacy and gives you the exact same results as Egypt Phone Number everyone else. But what are we talking about, with a market share within search engines in NL of 0.74% in February 2019 (source: Statcounter ): Market share Search engines NL in February 2019and in US about 1%: Market Share Search Engines US in February 2019 So no threat to Egypt Phone Number Google at all, while recently on January 4, 2019 Searchengineland has reported explosive growth.


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