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When, for example at which user Jamaica Phone Number interaction, is the data sent to the data layer? Note: You want to avoid inline JavaScript here. Try to separate the configuration of the data (eg attributes in HTML) and the functionality of the measurement (JavaScript) in the code as much as possible. This ensures that you have full control over the Jamaica Phone Number values, timing and triggering of data streams. Back-end developers ensure the richness of the data and make additional data available.

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For example about the user, funnel details, products or an order. A tester, together with the web analyst, provides the Jamaica Phone Number test scenarios and possibly automates (web) analytics tests. Is your data reliable, flexible, structured & rich? With a well-founded measurement implementation using a backend, frontend and a data layer , you guarantee the quality Jamaica Phone Number of data. What should you pay attention to?

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Limit the dependencies Complex implementations via tag management with scripts with many dependencies are error-prone and not easy to adapt. Moreover, it is often impossible to properly transfer the implementation to a (new) colleague. Get consistency Tracking using DOM scraping (getting data by selecting elements in the HTML of the page, often via Google Tag Manager) creates a proliferation of tags. This makes analysis prone to errors.


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