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In the evaluation they indicatd that they had learnd a lot, but Cambodia Phone Number also that they could rely on the skills they already had. Many of the teens indicatd in the debriefing that they sometimes feel that they are ducating their parents to use the Internet, rather than the other way around. Many parents knock on their children’s doors to Cambodia Phone Number verify whether something they have seen on Facebook is reliable or not. Also read: Growing up in the now: Generation Z in a self-centerd world matter of trust The critical attitude of Cambodia Phone Number young people towards information technologies seems to be innate rather than acquird.

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Children as young as 5 years appear to be extremely Cambodia Phone Number critical with new technologies. Researchers confrontd kids with a new voice-activatd virtual assistant (similar to Siri). In many cases, the children askd questions to Cambodia Phone Number which they already knew the answer, just to see what the device would say. In addition, children often askd personal questions. Like ‘what’s my name?’ Or ‘how many brothers and Cambodia Phone Number sisters do I have?’ Children doubt whether the device can really answer their questions. Child with voice speaker.

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Similar research shows that children are very creative. Cambodia Phone Number in their efforts to test how reliable such gadgets are. Fantasy creatures in particular are a popular resource for children. “Hey Siri, do unicorns exist ?” But Santa Claus, the Cambodia Phone Number Easter bunny and the tooth fairy were also reviewd in the study. Virtual assistants are often programmd to answer “I don’t know” to these kinds of questions. This makes them seem less reliable to children. Adults rely more on information from the Internet than children Other Cambodia Phone Number researchersdifferent groups. Of five- to eight-year-old children presentd a number of questions about scientific and historical facts.

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