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Is your gut healthy? Modern people are under heavy work pressure and have an abnormal diet, which makes the small universe in the intestines like a mini-ecosystem unbalanced, causing a great burden on the gastrointestinal tract:

Constipation Have Become Commonplace.

These digestive tract problems Slovenia Phone Number may seem trivial, but they hide cancer risks. Screenshot_2017-10-26_12_31_43 Photo Credit: Taiwan Gut Citizen Science Project. This year the National Health Administration of the Ministry of Health and Welfare released the latest statistics on the incidence of cancer among Chinese people. There were 103,147 new cases of cancer in Taiwan. On average, one person was diagnosed with cancer every 5 minutes and 6 seconds. Compared with 2013. 12 seconds faster (Note 1). Among them, the number of people suffering from “colorectal cancer” is the most.

According to the Data

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And the cancer rate increased by 4%. On average, for every 100 cancer patients diagnosed, 15 people suffer from colorectal cancer, ranking first in cancer for 9 consecutive years. However, colorectal cancer is not as terrible as we think. Qiu Hanmo, an attending physician at the Department of Internal Medicine of National Taiwan University Hospital, said that colorectal cancer can be said to be the best preventable cancer.

As long as you receive regular screenings, the risk of death from colorectal cancer can be reduced by more. Than  if combined with good living habits, you can stay away from threats. However, colorectal cancer screening is only passive prevention. Now,

it is possible to reduce the risk of colorectal cancer by understanding the distribution of bacteria in the intestinal tract and proactively changing the diet and lifestyle before potential threats appear. Screenshot_2017-10-26_12_52_09 Photo Credit: Taiwan Gut Citizen Science Project

The secret of health, let the microbial universe in the gut tell you Cai Yingjie, Distinguished Professor of the Institute of Chemistry and Molecular Biology. National Yangming University , mentioned in the article ” Gut bacteria determine lifelong health ” in the magazine “Scientist Monthly”

That scientific research in the past five years has gradually shown that gut. Microbes are closely related to various aspects of the human body. important functions are closely related.

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