Environmental awareness “bag” to go! Sources should be reduced, resources should be recycled

How do you usually dispose of the recycling items at .Taipei City Government’s resource recycling vehicles are closed five days a week. And the routes are dense and very convenient. However some people were unable to cooperate with the time to arrive at the recycling. New Taipei City .

Government also provided other options to the people.

The district governors responded enthusiastically .Total of 310 li set up golden  basic administrative unit hrough the ri chief who organizes volunteers in the ri The “Golden Collection Station” is based on a policy of “returning” as the starting point. It encourages the public to recycle the resources they produce at home or after cleaning the environment.Sort them out and send them to the local department.Where they can be collected and exchanged for special garbage bags, so as to achieve the goal of contributing to all people”. The most important purpose is to change the people’s concept of recycling and establish recycling habits. Photo Credit: Kang  Caption: Sun Chief of the Recycling Resources Division of the

Environmental Protection Bureau

of the New Taipei City Government.Explained the whole process of setting up the .Golden Receipt Station in New Taipei City and the results of its 7-year implementation. Section Chief Sun pointed out that since the implementation of the.Golden Receipt Station” in New Taipei households have participated together volunteers have provided assistance. Section Chief Sun said .Everyone can influence the people around them, and the results will be very impressive. Golden Receipt Station.Has been in operation since August 100, and it has entered the seventh year. and the breeding sources of dengue fever and other vectors are also reduced. The public exchanged bags of special

garbage bags. In addition to personal benefits, the results of resource recycling were also injected into the construction of various li. The total revenue from the sales of resource recycling at the li office Nei.but it will also provide disadvantaged employment opportunities., it should reflect: In fact.Reduction at the source is the most fundamental solution. However.It is not easy to change people’s habits. The  This policy has promoted the recycling second-hand bags as of the end of

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