Economic Welfare

Work out specific personas and Switzerland Phone Number experiment which content works best for each persona. This fits in seamlessly with the personalization trend. You can no longer get away with a website that is aimed at the masses because then it doesn’t really connect with anyone. For example, we make several Switzerland Phone Number one-pagers for one specific vacancy, distinguishing between education level, gender and career level.

Switzerland Phone Number

Public Service

This allows you to create a message that Switzerland Phone Number perfectly matches the persona. This costs the necessary investment, but the result is that many more conversions come in. In practice, I notice that when analyzing website visits, we often attach great importance to the bounce rate. That is not surprising, because this statistic is easy to interpret. And you’ll find it in almost every standard Switzerland Phone Number Google Analytics report. But it is better to measure the quality of your website visitors.

Collective Property

How? With Switzerland Phone Number the ‘session quality metric. I explain that in this article. The bounce rate is not a KPI. You can hardly determine the impact of the bounce rate improvement. Users (without bounces) only say something about viewing more than one page. It says nothing about the quality of the website visit. And nothing about the impact on your conversion either. Fortunately, Google Switzerland Phone Number Analytics offers a solution for e-commerce parties from 1000 transactions per month.

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